Medication Management in High Risk Patients
...begins with capture of prescription drugs, supplements, and over the counter medicines, along with information about self-medication behavior
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Automated Medication Reconciliation for Team Based Care

ActualMeds provides the first patient-centered, multi-disciplinary approach to medication reconciliation at transitions of care. Beginning with a systematic,comprehensive review of a patient’s drugs and self-medication behavior,the solution creates and maintains an accurate list of all of a patient’s medications,along with prescribing information from the patient's electronic medical record, and fill and refill information from insurance claims. Medication reconciliation and risk information can be made available to all involved with a patient’s care including family, caregivers and providers.

ActualMeds Medication Management

ActualMeds enables health care practitioners to perform a clinically validated and cost-effective comprehensive medication review for high risk patients, reconciling their therapeutic regimen and eliminating unnecessary medications. The system simplifies data collection from the patient by allowing the practitioner to streamline capture of this fragmented information with a combination of tools and techniques . Clinician tools include a mechanism to scan packaging bar codes for prescriptions and over the counter medication, coupled with a structured interview tool to capture other important patient self-medication information. Learn more