It is estimated that 1 in every 2 Americans has at least one chronic condition; and that treatment of chronic conditions account for more than 75% of the $2.3T annual health care bill in the U.S.   Much of that cost is due to the treatment of the complications of chronic disease that result from the inability to monitor and manage a patient’s condition on a continual basis. ActualMeds is committed to the development of solutions that promote continuous, productive care for chronic conditions :

  • For the Provider:

visibility and relevant insights  about the patient’s day to day behavior relevant to the condition, and functional status,  ability to intervene on a timely basis.

  • For the Patient:

information that is tailored to their self-reported behaviors to reinforce self-efficacy and adherence to therapy.

As transformation of health care moves from the treatment of acute episodes to an emphasis on wellness and prevention,  ActualMeds will continue to develop solutions that are patient-centered, transparent and interoperable and that promote connectedness and collaboration along the continuum of care.